Warren County EMS Coordinators

EMS Coordinators may be requested or may self-dispatch to incidents requiring three or more BLS ambulances. Their focus is to assist the Incident Commander or EMS Chief with BLS unit response, staging, transport, hospital assignments, move-ups, standbys and communications, while maintaining adequate EMS and BLS resources to serve routine emergencies. EMS Coordinators can be requested by the EMS Officer in Charge of an incident by contacting the Warren County Communications Center by radio or telephone (908-835-2026).
Title/UnitNameRegion of County
Coordinator (66-50)Joseph GroffAll areas
Deputy (66-50A)Michael PetruzzellisSouth
Deputy (66-50B)Robert KirshnerCentral
Deputy (66-50C)Scott DurlesterNorth
Deputy (66-50D)VACANTEast

Duties of EMS Coordinators

New Jersey's Basic Life Support needs are served by a mix of volunteer and career Emergency Medical Services organizations. Advanced Life Support needs are served by hospital-based Mobile Intensive Care Programs. Local units are supported by those from contiguous areas. After local mutual aid has been exhausted, additional requests are to be handled by the County Office of Emergency Management Emergency Medical Services Coordinators according to local Standard Operating Procedures.

County Emergency Medical Services Coordinators utilize regional communication centers and/or local MICU dispatch centers to assist with these duties. If the NJOEM SEOC has been activated, the affected county or counties Emergency Medical Services Coordinator(s) should keep the NJOEM SEOC informed of their Emergency Medical Services activities. If resources are requested in multiple counties, they should be coordinated through the State Emergency Medical Services Coordinator at the NJOEM SEOC.