Participant Information Sheet


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Setup starting at 9AM

Open to Public: 10AM to 3PM

Phillipsburg Mall and Rear Parking Lot


(Sponsored by the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office, Police Chief’s Association and Department of Public Safety)


Last Updated: May 9, 2012


Where and When

Law and Public Safety Day (formerly called Law Enforcement Day) will be held at the Phillipsburg Mall on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Law enforcement, fire, EMS and associated agencies will have vehicles and equipment on display. See the list below for attending and invited agencies. All agencies should arrive by 9AM for setup. The event should be over approximately 3 PM.


Friday Night Setup Teams – Rope off and securing of outside vehicle and demonstration areas and setup of inside tables will occur Friday night about 8:30 PM. There will be a final planning meeting / dinner for Police Chief’s Association and Prosecutor’s Office event organizers at the Greenwich Applebys on Friday evening starting 6PM (pay your own way). Please meet at the rear patio of Applebys at 7:00 PM.


What to Bring

Your apparatus, equipment you wish to display, and materials needed for demonstrations. You should bring folding tables and chairs for your members and any equipment you wish to display. Remember to bring any free handouts you want to distribute (no fundraising please), as well as applications for membership.


Upon Arrival – Outside Display Agencies

Participating agencies should stage all vehicles that will be on display behind the mall – please enter from the outer ring road. You will be directed where to set up for the day. A map of the parking lot is available below showing where all agencies will be positioned for the day. When positioning vehicles, remember not to block in other vehicles. Keep all drive-thru areas clear in case any emergency vehicles need to leave for a call.


Upon Arrival – Inside Display Agencies

All agencies with displays inside the mall may unload their materials behind the mall near the registration table entrance or at the front mall entrance to the left of the Bonton, but must park elsewhere outside of the taped off area used for outside displays.



A restricted access breakfast and lunch room will be set up inside the mall for event workers. The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office is providing coffee and bagels in this room in the morning and boxed lunches following the Memorial Service at noon. The lunch room is located inside the mall’s rear entrance near the registration table. A Coffee or Lunch ticket is required to enter. Tickets will be provided to pre-registered event workers only, and not to family, friends or visitors. Each agency’s Officer in Charge was responsible to pre-register their worker’s names and/or provide a head count. Individuals must pick up and sign for their own individual coffee/lunch tickets at the registration table before 11:00am. Any lunch tickets not picked up by 11:00am may be distributed to unregistered workers between 11 and 11:30am.



Schedule of Events

·      9:00AM – 3:00PM – Music/Announcements by Into the Sunset Entertainment (rear entrance to mall)

·      11:00 AM – K-9 Demonstration – drug search of vehicle (police demo area)

·      12:00 PM – Memorial Service (rear entrance to mall)

·      12:20-1:00PM – Lunch for Workers (tickets required)

·      1:00-1:45PM – Rope Demonstration by Phillipsburg (next to mall building)

·      1:45 PM – K-9 Demonstration – Apprehension (outer roadway & field)

·      All Day – Child Safety Seats (west side of police display parking lot)

·      All Day – Kidprint Child Identification Program (inside mall)


Confirmed as Attending (Inside Displays)

(registrations have been received but have not yet been forwarded to webmaster)

·      Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms / ATF (2 workers, 1 tables, 3 chairs)

·      American Red Cross (3 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs)

·      Boy Scouts of America (15 workers, no displays or tables requested)

·      Centenary College Criminal Justice Program (4 people, 1 table, 4 chairs)

·      Community Prevention Resources of Warren County (2 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs)

·      DARE (? workers, 2 tables, 4 chairs)

·      DASACC (3 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs)

·      Drug Enforcement Agency / DEA (2 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs, electric)

·      Drug Eradication (2 people, no displays or tables requested)

·      Federal Bureau of Investigation / Newark Office (4 workers, 2 tables, 4 chairs)

·      Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit (2 workers, 2 tables, 2 chairs)

·      INS Fraud Investigator (2 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs)

·      Kidprint Child ID Program WCPO/Phillipsburg PD (6 workers, 4 tables, 4 chairs, electric)

·      NJ Division of Fish and Game (2 workers, 2 tables, 2 chairs)

·      NJ Division of Youth and Family Services/DYFS (2 workers, 1 table, 2 chairs)

·      NORWESCAP (2 workers, 2 tables, 2 chairs)

·      US Secret Service (2 workers, 1 table, 1 chair)

·      Warren County 9-1-1 Communications Center (1 worker, 1 table, 1 chair)

·      Warren County Department of Corrections (4 workers, 2 tables, 4 chairs)

·      Warren County Department of Human Services (4 workers, 3 tables, 3 chairs)

·      Warren County Prosecutor’s Office – Victim Witness Unit (6 workers, 2 tables, 4 chairs)

·      Warren County Sheriff (3 workers, 1 table, 4 chairs, electric)

·      Warren Technical VoTech Police Explorer Program (8 workers, 1 table, 4 chairs, electric)



23 Agencies - Total workers inside: 81 (no count provided for DARE)



Confirmed as Attending (Outside Dispays)

(additional registrations have been received but have not yet been forwarded to webmaster)

·      Alpha Volunteer Fire Company (12 workers, 3 vehicles)

·      Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit (2 workers, 1 rescue vehicle, 1 boat)

·      Greenwich Police (6 workers, ?vehicles?)

·      Hackettstown Police (1 worker, ?vehicle?)

·      Huntington Fire Company (8 workers, 2 vehicles)

·      Independence Police (2 workers, ?vehicles?)

·      Into the Sunset Entertainment (3 workers/DJs)

·      Lopatcong Emergency Squad (8 workers, 4 vehicles: 74-52, 54, 56, 59)

·      Lopatcong Fire Department (8 workers, 3 vehicles: 74-62, 69, 85)

·      Mansfield Police (2 workers, ?vehicles?)

·      New Jersey State Police – Child Safety Seat Program (3 workers, 2 vehicles)

·      Northstar Helicopter (3 workers, helicopter)

·      Phillipsburg CERT Team (8 workers, CERT Trailer)

·      Phillipsburg Emergency Squad (9 workers, 3 vehicles: 94-53, 95-55, 94-56)

·      Phillipsburg Fire Department (8 workers (names not provided), 2 vehicles: 94-74, 94-69)

·      Phillipsburg Police (6 workers, 1 vehicle: Crime Prevention Truck)

·      Pohatcong Police (6 people, ?vehicles?)

·      Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County (11 workers, search dogs, trailer & tow vehicle)

·      US Customs and Border Patrol (2 people, 1 vehicle: X-Ray Van)

·      Warren County CERT Team (8 workers, trailer and table displaying equipment and brochures)

·      Warren County Fieldcom (5 workers, Fieldcom Unit)

·      Warren County Hazmat Team (6 workers, 2 vehicles: 22-85, 88)

·      Warren County RACES (10 workers, amateur radio display trailer & canopy tent – needs electric from Fieldcom)

·      Warren County Regional Crime Scene Investigation Team (5 workers, ?vehicle?)

·      Washington Township Police (7 workers, ?vehicles?) (left call for Chief on 5/9)

25 Agencies - Total workers outside so far: 149  


Total Agencies: 48      Total Workers: 230 


Unable to Attend

·      Greenwich Emergency Squad


Other invited Agencies / No Response– (Inside Displays)

·      Big Brothers / Big Sisters

·      Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Crisis Center (? workers)

·      Family Guidance of Warren County

·      NJ Army National Guard (? worker)

·      NJ Parole

·      Pohatcong Police Explorers (? workers) – not coming

·      Warren County 200 Club (? workers)

·      Warren County Prosecutor’s Office – Insurance Fraud Unit (? workers)

·      Warren County Prosecutor’s Office – Megan’s Law Unit (? workers)

·      Wells Fargo Bank (? workers)


Other Invited Agencies / No Response (Outside Displays)

·      Bloomsbury Rescue Squad (? Workers, ? vehicles) no response

·      Greenwich Emergency Squad – not coming

·      NJ Forest Fire (? workers, ? vehicles) no response

·      Warren County Health Department (? workers, ? vehicles)

·      Warren County K-9 Units (? of workers)

·      Warren County Prosecutor’s Office – SCART Team (? workers, ? vehicle)

·      Warren County Prosecutor’s Office – Tactical Response Team (? workers, ? vehicle)

·      Warren County South Regional Rescue Task Force (? workers estimated from various squads)





These lists are subject to revision – check back for changes


Thank you to the staff of the Phillipsburg Mall for assisting with and hosting this event.


2012 tentative site layout - Please contact Pat Rivoli at 908-835-2040 to reserve outside space. Inside agencies may contact Detective Stephen Spiers at the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office or Chief Dennis Riley from Independence PD (908-852-4443).